4 Ways Security Film Protects You & Your Family

Posted on: May 25, 2017 by in Blog, Residential
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Imagine a baseball, hit by your neighbor’s son, bolting towards your living room window next to where your toddler sits playing. The ball strikes the glass but, as the glass breaks, the shards are held together and your toddler remains uninjured.

Or imagine waking in the middle of the night to the sound of someone attempting to break a window of your home. But the glass stays in place and, after several unsuccessful swings, the suspects take off—nothing stolen, no one injured.

Among the five types of window films on the market, one is particularly designed to increase safety. Security film is sought after by home and business owners concerned about potential window breakage and looking to keep their families, possessions and company assets safe.

Other types of window films—like decorative or solar—may hold the glass together and prevent injuries or slow a break-in, but this is a secondary benefit since these films do not meet security-specific requirements. Security films are tested to the same standards as tempered, heat-strengthened and laminated glass, and manufacturers have lab-tested verification for their products.

According to the International Window Film Association, the first safety films were developed by the British government in the 1970s to protect against terrorist bombings throughout England, Northern Ireland and Europe.

Today, homeowners are also investing in security film to protect their families in four ways.

Crime Protection

The No. 1 reason homeowners invest in security film is for added safety for their family members and belongings. In the video, “Safety Film Forced Entry Education & Demonstration,” three security film options are tested and compared against a window with no film. While the filmless window allowed the “intruder” to gain access within five seconds, it took 22 seconds, 53 seconds, and two minutes 25 seconds to break through the windows with varying levels of security film installed onto them. That difference may mean extra time to call the police, find a weapon or hide during a home evasion. And it might be enough to deter the intruder altogether.

Violent Weather Protection

Windows with properly installed security film stand tougher against the strong winds and severe weather elements that Mother Nature can produce. The chances of a blown-out window decrease with security film, but even if Mother Nature prevails, security film will prevent the shattering of glass, lessening the possibility of injury.

Accidental Injury Protection

Severe weather is not the only cause of glass-related injuries from windows. Consider that baseball mentioned earlier, a mishap inside the home when moving furniture, or an old tree with roots that give way and crash-lands into your window. When glass is broken, small shards tend to scatter farther than one might think logical, and these sharp edges easily puncture skin when accidentally stepped on and during cleanup. Security film minimizes this possibility by holding the glass together between each side of the film, keeping you and your family away from the hospital room.

Explosion Protection

While security film is not a shield from explosions, many serious injuries and even deaths are caused by the broken glass fragments from nearby windows. According to the International Window Film Association, “…this potential risk is capable of being limited by the use of safety film.” Many government agencies and large corporations choose to install security film for this benefit, but homeowners near popular city centers and transportation hubs may breathe easier by making this investment as well.

When considering security film for your home, research your options so that the window film you choose offers the level of security you’re seeking. For maximum benefits, security films must be properly anchored when installed by a professional window film installation company.

Contact Northwest Solar Protection for more information about security film options and to request an estimate for your home or business.

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