5 Great Ways to Upgrade the Exterior of Your Car

Posted on: October 15, 2017 by in Blog
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There’s something so unoriginal and underwhelming about parking your vehicle next to one—or two—of its exact make, model and color. Sometimes is can become a game of who’s whose upon returning to the parking lot. Each one of them is just like the other.

For auto enthusiasts and individual spirits, making your own mark on your vehicle is often an expression of self. Not everyone prefers the custom colors and upgrades straight from the dealer, however. And, sometimes, it’s more satisfying to research and opt for these selected improvements on your own, anyways.    

Put your own stamp on your vehicle by adding a little bit of color and shine or replacing a stock part or two. Here are five easy and appealing vehicle upgrades.

Clear Paint Protection

For those looking to add some extra shine and protection to their vehicle, clear paint protection is a go-to upgrade. Owners can opt for full or partial front-end coverage, and custom coverage is available for rocker panels, rear bumpers, headlights and more. The professionally installed clear paint protection helps maintain the vehicle’s original high-gloss shine, preserve value, and prevent paint chips and fading caused by rocks, bird droppings and bug splatter.

Window Tint

Auto window tint transforms a vehicle’s fish-bowl-like windows to ones that are stylish, sleek and private. This simple upgrade gives vehicles an upscale look while increasing driver and passenger comfort. Professional auto-window-tint installation companies help owners choose the ideal shade of tint and provide expert application for flawless results—no bubbles, creases or stretch marks. This upgrade has the additional benefits of blocking UV rays and protecting a vehicle’s upholstery from fading.

Vehicle Wrap

Business owners often seek the professional application of vehicle wraps to advertise their business and dress up company vehicles. For personal rides, it’s a great way to add a bold character statement. Vehicle wraps may suite an owner seeking a classic side-stripe or who wants to represent their favorite sports team. An auto-vehicle-wrap installation company, like Northwest Solar Protection, is your expert source for the most aesthetically appealing wraps that guard from ink fading and flawless application.

Upgraded Bumper

Since the bumper’s primary purpose is to guard the car during low speed collisions, an upgrade can have both safety and aesthetic advantages. Bumpers are made out of a variety of materials, including aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, fiberglass and plastic. Upgrading from the standard poly resin plastic that most automakers use, car owners can opt for a bumper that’s strong and weighty or durable and light. One can choose the color—like a shiny red to match the paint job or a matte black—opt for more or less ground clearance, and customize it with additional elements like bumper guards and grilles.

New Wheels & Rims

Another distinct vehicle upgrade is the customization of the tires and rims. Varying from the manufacturer’s standard parts can increase both performance and aesthetics. Depending on preference, vehicle owners may opt for a low-profile tire or a beefed-up, wider tire with a more aggressive tread. It’s vital the new tires maintain enough suspension and brake clearance and properly fit the centering hub. To ensure the right fit, work with a trusted tire shop so your vehicle’s steering geometry isn’t compromised. Vehicle rims come in all different styles and colors. From sporty to sleek, a rim upgrade is just another way to add some much-needed character to your ride.

Just a single upgrade from this list can significantly transform your vehicle into one that’s far more attractive and eye-catching on the road. Parked next to others of the same make and model, it’s sure to stand out with its individual character. 

Though many of these upgrades can be done by your trusted auto body shop, vehicle wraps, clear paint protection and window tint should be applied by only the best in the business. Contact Northwest Solar Protection for a free quote today.

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