More About … Clear Paint Protection

Much of a vehicle’s life is spent outdoors, enduring whatever nature has in store. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to protect our vehicles from every free-sailing rock, perfectly aimed bird dropping and untimely bug’s path. These events and others eventually take a toll on a vehicle’s paint job by causing chips and tarnishes.

Fortunately, the application of Clear Paint Protection prevents these vehicle-paint blunders. Vehicles with this upgrade maintain the original high-gloss shine and preserve retail value. The application of the Clear Paint Protection guards your car from paint chips, scratches and tarnishes, so your ride keeps its original luster.

Clear Pain Protection is available in full- or partial-coverage options, including:

• Complete vehicle wrap

• Full front-end coverage (full hood, fenders, bumper, mirrors)

• Partial front-end coverage (half hood, fenders, bumper, mirrors)

• Front bumpers

• Custom pieces (rocker panels, rear bumpers, headlights)