How Commercial Window Tinting Improves Staff Performance

Posted on: August 25, 2017 by in Blog, Commercial
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Whether you run a small start-up business or a large corporation, the success of your venture heavily relies on the productivity of your staff.

Sure, you’ve checked all the boxes for a successful work environment: thorough training, meaningful feedback, economic incentives, good communication and respect. And the staff members on your team are each the right fit for the position and mesh with the office culture. There’s nothing else to improve, right? Wrong.

Productivity is largely effected by factors of the work environment. Not only do the office vibe and the attitudes of fellow staff and management have an effect on the quality and quantity of work accomplished throughout the day, the furniture, lighting, paint colors, temperature and such can have positive and negative impacts on productivity too.

Business owners often consider window tinting for its energy savings and long-term economic benefits – even for its aesthetic appeal and ease of maintenance – but there are several other advantages that directly contribute to improved work performance.

Those looking to increase staff productivity should consider professional window tinting installation for several key reasons.

Increased Comfort

One of the most desired benefits of window tinting, for both the home and business, is the temperature consistency these films create. Warmth from the sun easily penetrates windows without tinting film, especially windows facing the morning and afternoon sun. This can be especially distracting to staff with desks near these sun zones. According to a survey by CareerBuilder, published by the Society for Human Resource Management, 22 percent of 4,285 workers surveyed claimed it difficult to concentrate at work when the workplace was too hot.

If the thermostat is set to compensate, staff in areas away from the windows are often uncomfortably cool. The SHRM reported that performance in the workplace is optimal between 69.8 and 71.6 degrees. Window tinting film helps create a consistent temperature throughout the office by reflecting the heat from the sun, therefore helping minimize the thermostat wars among staff and creating a more comfortable work environment for everyone.

Glare Reduction

Not only does heat from the sun contribute to a poor work environment, the glare that enters through filmless windows can act as an inconvenient distraction. Most computer screens are not glare-resistant and become particularly difficult to read when the sun’s beams extend through nearby office windows. Likewise, both staff and customers can become distracted inside retail and food and beverage businesses that deal with harsh glare during certain hours of the day. Glare is a silent intruder throughout the workday and can interrupt meetings and impact work performance. Window tinting creates a more comfortable environment in which staff is able to enjoy natural light without its side effects hindering productivity. 

Increased Privacy

If your business sometimes feels like a fish bowl, window tinting is likely to have a positive impact on the staff working inside. No one likes to feel watched or under the microscope, whether it’s by a hovering manager or a couple strangers chatting outside an office window. Especially important for businesses located on the first and second floors, or in high-rises with neighbors a stone’s throw away, window tinting provides staff extra privacy and peace of mind so that they are able to do their jobs without the unsettling feel that someone has an eye on them and their belongings from the outside.

Added Protection

Window tinting film prevents others outside the building from looking in, and it can also deter break-ins. Safety film is specifically designed to hold glass in place and prevent or significantly slow intruders from gaining access. These films are also available with tinting and solar benefits. Any window film, however, has the added bonus of at least slowing a break-in attempt, providing those inside an opportunity to react or escape. Staff inside an office filled with computers or in a retail environment may feel an increased sense of safety with window film and, therefore, able to be more productive.

Similar benefits of professional window tinting film extend from the home to the business. In the office environment, it’s important to note that the noticeable impact of these benefits may be enjoyed through increased revenue, production, quality of work and a happy team. Though window tinting is not a single fix for all productivity concerns, this workspace upgrade can significantly improve the look, feel and privacy, helping to create a more comfortable working environment.

Professional window film installation companies like Northwest Solar Protection are skilled at identifying the needs of a business and delivering maximum results through expert installation.

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