Why Your Safety Film Needs Professional Installation

Posted on: June 13, 2017 by in Blog, Commercial, Residential
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Some things are better left to the experts—as is the case with safety film installation.

A quick Amazon or Google Shopping search for “safety window film” results in plenty of product options ranging $39-$175+ in price. It’s tempting to purchase from the seller with the lowest price, but the benefits of the safety film may be compromised.

Products from online vendors often lack the proper safety certifications. In one case, a product’s technical details list its certification as “certified frustration-free.” Furthermore, if even the product meets safety standards, when window films are purchased online, they are shipped directly to the customer and the customer is left with the daunting task of installing them.

No matter your level of handyman expertise, safety films require a particular installation process for maximum benefits. In fact, according to Darren Reynold of Northwest Solar Protection, only about one percent of professional window tinters employ the proper security film anchoring technique.

The correct installation of security film can make the difference between an intruder breaking through the glass in 50 seconds or in several minutes, if the intruder hasn’t given up before then.

Safety Film Installation Methods

Window films are installed in three ways. The first of which is by covering the daylight area of the glass. This option is the most likely for DIY installations, as it doesn’t involve removing the window from the frame. It is suitable for decorative films, but safety film will only be reliable if the window does not break through to its edges. Once a break reaches the edge of the glass, the film and broken glass fall from the frame.

The second method is to remove the glass from the frame and install the window film edge-to-edge. This option holds the glass in place better than the first option when broken through to the edges, but will eventually fall.

Finally, the third and recommended installation method for safety film is the anchoring technique. In this method, safety film is not only applied to the glass itself but attached to the window frame so that, if broken, the film becomes a flexible membrane. Anchoring safety film requires a structural silicone sealant.

When investing in a home or office upgrade for the purpose of increased safety, finding a professional installation company that partners with a trusted manufacturer, like Solar Gard, is paramount. The key to maximum benefits of this protective feature is through the anchoring installation method, so leave this project to the experts.

Contact Northwest Solar Protection for more information on safety film installation for your home or business.

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