Breaking it Down: 5 Types of Window Film

Posted on: April 25, 2017 by in Blog, Commercial, Residential
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Residential and commercial window film is not a one-size-fits-all product. Various types of films offer a range of benefits—energy efficiency and savings, to UV protection and glare reduction, to increased privacy and security. The benefits of residential and commercial window films are extensive, but choosing the right product can be confusing.

Determining the best window film to meet your needs can be accomplished confidently when working with a professional installer. Prior to your consultation, identify the key benefits you’re seeking and gain an understanding of the various types of films offered. Solar Gard and Panorama window films, among top options on the market, are categorized into five groups.

Solar Control Window Film

Solar control window films feature energy savings and comfort as key benefits. Varieties of these products provide glare reduction; nearly total UV ray elimination; a range of color, reflectivity and tint options; and the ability to block most of the sun’s heat from penetrating your home or office windows, resulting in decreased energy bills and increased comfort levels. Businesses often seek the color enhancements of Solar Control window-tinting films—like silver or warm copper—for a sleek exterior appearance. And several Solar control options combine safety and security features for clients wanting maximum benefits.

Dual-climate Window Film

These window film products feature year-round temperature consistency by keeping the warmth in during winter months and the heat out during summer months. Energy savings and UV protection are the primary objectives of dual-climate window films.

Safety and Security Window Film

Safety window films provide peace of mind for home and business owners. These window films slow or prevent an intruder’s ability to break through a window due to the resilient, high-tensile polyester material. They come in clear, silver and stainless steel varieties, and range in thicknesses. Safety window films protect from severe weather and keep broken glass in place, which decreases the chances of glass-related injuries. Secondary features include UV protection and solar energy efficiency.

Decorative Window Film

Decorative window films are an especially popular interior design element for offices and modern homes with glass dividers and doors. These films add privacy to conference rooms and offices, and refresh bland spaces with frost, opaque and etched options.

Anti-graffiti Window Film

Mission-specific, this window film protects surfaces from paints, markings and acid etchings. This option is a popular choice for business owners since it can be applied on a wide range of surfaces, is removable and replaceable in cases of vandalism, and offers UV protection.

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