Winter Benefits of Home and Auto Window Tinting Film

Posted on: November 22, 2017 by in Blog
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When we think of window tinting benefits, savings on the air conditioning bill is typically the first that comes to mind. It’s not uncommon to associate window tinting film with summertime-upgrade considerations, but there are plenty of wintertime benefits, too—for both your home and automobile.

There’s no need to wait for the warmer weather to get the most out of your residential or auto window tinting. With these winter benefits of window tinting film, you’ll be reaping rewards long before summer arrives.    

Glare Reduction

As beautiful as a blanket of white snow might be, it can cause havoc for the eyes when focusing on the road. Glare and brightness from the sun and its reflection off of the snow is a safety concern for all drivers. Auto window tinting minimizes glare and brightness, creating conditions for a safer commute. Likewise, the same glare or brightness through your home (or office) windows is amplified with the presence of snow. Residential window tinting creates a more comfortable environment, so you can enjoy the winter wonderland outside your window without dealing with the harsh light inside your home.

UV Protection

Many skiers and snowboarders can attest, the temperature makes no difference on the ability to sunburn as long as the sun is shining. In fact, the reflection from the snow can cause even more severe sunburns. Window tinting for your home and automobile provides just as much UV protection in the wintertime as it does during the summer months.

Temperature Consistency

Window tinting films help prevent warmth from the sun from penetrating through your home and auto windows, but they can also keep the heat inside during colder months. Particularly for residential windows, dual-climate window films are built for year-round climate consistency. These films act as an extra layer of insulation. Even regular window tinting films have the benefit of an added layer of insulation to some degree, so the inside of your car’s cabin can remain more temperature consistent, too.

Fuel Efficiency & Energy Savings

With more consistent temperatures, thanks to the added layer of insulation, window tinting films lead to better fuel efficiency and energy savings. When you’re not cranking the heat, your car is able to reach better gas mileage and your home’s heating bill is not so difficult to look at. These home and auto energy savings are benefits for both your wallet and the environment.

Residential window tinting and auto window tinting provide many of the same year-round benefits. If you’re considering this home or auto upgrade, there’s no need to wait for the summer. Work with a certified installation company to determine which window tinting film option is right for you and start enjoying the benefits immediately.

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